Thursday, 10 March 2016

Looking for trouble

We got the boat inspected by Tim Sales, a boat expert.

A useful exercise.

Problems identified.


Major top shrouds showing signs of rust. T-balls up the mast out of alignment. Replace. (Cookie.)

Step of mast out of alignment.

 Diamonds T-balls bent.

New genoa sheets

New main foot outhaul 
Reverse or change jib halyard
New double braid jib furling rope
New main traveller rope
Personal sheets for storm jib.

Connection between auto-pilot linear drive and tiller beam is wobbly and worn. Get fixed by Watsons.

Both rudder bearings loose and presumably worn. Get new ones fitted by Watsons.
Four new bull-dog grips for 6mm steering cables, to make three for each connection. > <  >. Firm, but not distorting.

Port engine exhaust wetbox needs new end-caps. MMS at Boatworks.
Port engine water pump and alternator belts are loose.
Starboard alternator belt is loose.
Starboard syphon break is leaking.
Starboard engine has oil leak in aft area. Possibly leg oil.

Galvanize chain. Tim.
Clean rope.
Re-splice. Tim.
Partition in chain locker to keep chain and rope separate. Scooter.
Anchor winch has some corrosion near pawl. Needs removing, cleaning and painting. Later.


Starboard winch relay inside shed slicker locker is corroded. Clean up.

Test lithium batteries. Charge fully. Disconnect. Let them stand for one hour. Test each battery separately. If not equal, consider cell equalisation chips.
Consider smart regulators on each engine alternator.

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